Ballet Creole...

has been active on the Canadian dance scene since August 1990. Comprised of both a professional ensemble of dancers and drummers (the Company) and a School of Performing Arts (the School), Ballet Creole focuses on the process of “creolization”, a fusion of diverse traditional and contemporary Caribbean and African dance and music. On the Canadian landscape the result has been both innovative and dynamic.

The term "creole", meaning "native to the locality", refers to people born and raised in the Caribbean, but of mixed European and African descent. The term also refers to the Creole language which developed in the African diaspora as a common language for inhabitants coming from so many different linguistic and cultural groups. 

For the past twenty years, has consistently provided a forum for choreographers, dancers and musicians to practice their art. Similarly, the Ballet Creole repertoire reflects the multicultural fusion characteristic of Caribbean culture for centuries.  Indeed, Ballet Creole represents the forging of a new language, a unique blending of dance traditions from the old world and the new world. For the past twenty years, under the artistic direction of dancer/choreographer/percussionist Patrick Anthony Parson, the Company has sought to bring forth old traditions, nurturing their evolution in this North American "new world" thereby establishing a dynamic new artistic tradition in Canada. The result is a continuous creation of new energy through dance.

Ballet Creole exists to create, preserve and present dance works that testify to the rich heritage of African and Caribbean cultures as they interface with European traditions.