David Lee

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As a small child Lee’s family moved from mainland China to Hong Kong and later to Taiwan. As a young man he attended Taiwan University, the Kaoshung University in Taiwan, and the Far East Academy of Art in Hong Kong where he won the National Chinese Art Competition. After completing his studies, the artist moved to Hawaii where he lives today. He has had numerous exhibitions throughout the world including Hawaii, United States, Canada, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland and Taiwan. His paintings hang in the permanent collections of the Taiwan University,

National Museum of Taiwan, and the Chuk-Yun Museum in Hong Kong as well as in many art galleries, universities and museums. The Imperial Family of Japan and many other private collections own his work. He currently owns two galleries in Carmel California and Hawaii where collectors can purchase his paintings and prints. David Lee’s lithographs are influenced by his own Cantonese heritage and depict images of nature; the subject properties represent a genre of Far Eastern work with exotic flowers and birds and misty landscapes.